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October 21, 2014

HD8 Extreme wear-resistant coating


HD8 is an extremely wear-resistant coating made with an innovative, high-deposition welding technique. This coating has been specifically developed by our Castolin Services engineers who aimed to get a very high density of tungsten carbides homogeneously distributed within a nickel-based matrix at high deposition rates.

  • Very high density of tungsten carbides in a nickel-based matrix.
  • Smooth surface ideal for protection against extreme abrasion or erosion.
  • Plates as well as customized parts available.

With its extreme wear-resistance, smooth and regular surface, HD8 is the ideal solution for applications where standard chromium carbides wearplates are too heavy and not resistant enough, in particular where large production throughput is required. For instance, expensive heavy duty fans are exposed to extreme erosion and have to be regularly replaced. HD8 increases service life and consequently reduces the costs associated to new parts and changeovers in high demanding industries as mining, power generation or cement.



HD8 is provided exclusively by Castolin workshops. You can have it directly on your parts and also as full plates.

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