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January 18, 2017

Boiler coatings the size of 5 volleyball courts in Poland


Having an excellent corrosion and erosion resistance, the ChromeClad AR coating was chosen to be applied in Poland in one of the biggest boiler coating orders fulfilled so far. The project was divided into two phases. 

The first step consisted in a preventive maintenance operation by spraying 350 m2 of new water wall panels in the workshop in Gliwice. The work  was carried out between 14 April 2016 and 18 May 2016. The second step was conducted onsite at the customer’s premises. 448 m2 of existing boiler water wall panels were subject to coating. The process included water wall pre-cleaning, metal spraying and finally ceramic coat application. The operations within the second step were fulfilled between 18 July 2016 and 20 August 2016. The anti-corrosion coating was applied on a total surface of 798 m2 which – for illustration purposes – is the equivalent of five volleyball courts.

Whertec believes there is no such thing as “acceptable” levels of tube wastage. Our unique process outperforms other coatings to provide superior protection by effectively stopping the permeation of corrosive elements, prolonging the time periods between required maintenance. Innovative protection, from a superior system. The concept is simple: we prepare your metal surfaces and apply an optimised arc spray coating which is then densified with our exclusive Tube Armor ceramic coating. This one-of-a-kind system of protection not only excels in the face of extreme conditions, but also can be customised to fit your exact operational requirements. ChromeClad is applied faster than any other thermal spray system. 

A no-compromise solution for extreme environments

Thanks to ChromeClad’s advanced composite system, your operation can experience exceptional protection even in the most challenging conditions.

  • Superior bond strength: will not flake, spall or crack
  • ChromeClad thickness is measurable: it is a readable, verifiable coating
  • Erosion resistant surface is impervious to airborne particulates, impermeable to corrosion and resistant to thermal shock
  • Non-catalytic: prevents salt cake and slag build-up

Typical ChromeClad uses:

  • Water walls, ID fans, Soot blower lanes
  • Pulverised coal fired boilers, Circulating fluidised bed boilers, Waste-to-Energy boilers
  • Nose arch and slope tubes, Superheaters and reheat tubes
  • Waste heat unit,  Economisers Air preheated baskets,
  • Evaporators, Back pass areas, Heat exchangers, Burners
  • Scrubbers, ducting Chutes and ducts
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