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July 8, 2019

Presenting our newest PTA Equipment for Automated and Manual Welding Applications


Castolin Eutectic are pleased to introduce two new PTA equipment models to the production line, the new Modular Oscillating System 2.0 (MOS) and new induction heating system. These state-of-the-art machines are ready for a wide range of automated and manual welding applications.

The EuTronic GAP machines (Plasma Transferred Arc process) are intended to meet a number of welding needs, manual and automatic, as well as portable or fixed. Some uses of these machines include the repair of tool steel, rebuilding cutting edges, stamping dies, aluminium die casting moulds, cast iron and glass mould repairs.

The new EuTronic GAP range is equipped with a bigger 8,4” touchscreen and functionality of “Remote Manager” which allows for remote access and control of the GAP system from PC/Laptop while sitting in the office. Additionally, a completely new Process Recording Software (PRS) allows constant real-time process monitoring and recording of all welding parameters, which can then be exported to Excel for further analysis.

The new EuTronic GAP 2511 DC and EuTronic GAP 5011 DC Synergy, conceived by our engineers in Poland, are designed to make every welding job easier. The new user interface is designed with the welder in mind - and can be operated even while wearing welding gloves. The intuitive touch screens make selecting parameters quicker and easier. The machines can be used for Plasma, TIG and MMA welding and provide a modular construction which is user-friendly to both operator and existing welding equipment integration. Synergic lines are available. Features include options to perform joining, coating, and brazing tasks in addition to the Spot/Impulse welding mode.

The EuTronic Gap 2511 DC is intended for manual operations. With an efficient inverter up to 250 A, both manual and automated welding are possible. The EuTronic Gap 5011 DC Synergy is the powerhouse of our equipment range, allowing welding up to 500 A. The GAP 5011 is designed for automated welding processes. It comes with extended automation interfaces providing analogue or digital signals in order to integrate with external systems. With our brand new and powerful GAP 5011 DC Synergic (up to 500A), suitable for IMPA torch and EP3 powder feeder, Castolin Eutectic has now a complete range, which is the perfect choice for manual, semi and fully automated applications.

The MOS has been developed for simple welding automation processes. Axis length can vary from 150mm to 5500 mm. The entire system can be freely customized from the basic single axis up to more complex 5 axis systems. The remote touchscreen allows quick axis positioning and round-the-clock access to all features. MOS is fully compatible with the new GAP range, but can be used as an independent system as well.

The CastoHeater Induction Heating System covers a wide range of equipment, starting from small, air-cooled devices all the way to powerful and efficient 15 kW systems. The CastoHeater equipment can be used both as stationary system and as portable version – equipped with a special hand grip. The versatility of applications is extremely wide, especially for repeatable jobs. High precision, speed of process and heat control are incomparable to the standard flame heating processes.

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