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April 27, 2012

Our revolutionary OTW-12Ti hardbanding alloy


OTW-12Ti is a proprietary, gas shielded, flux cored alloy wire specifically developed for Hardbanding of drilling pipe tool-joints. The high quality protective alloy weld deposit is designed to give a crack-free, smooth surface with low friction properties. Wear resistance performance in open hole situations qualifies amongst the best on the market with lowest casing-wear properties. This alloy may be cost-effectively reapplied over itself to refurbish worn drill pipes after drilling operations. It is only necessary to ensure that the base material and old OTW-12Ti coating are free of any physical defects and that safe dimension tolerances are retained.

"The holy trinity of hardbanding is low casing wear, low tool wear and low friction."

Gary Heath, Vice President of Castolin Eutectic

What is hardbanding?
Hardbanding is a very established name for the wearfacing welding process used in drilling to minimize wear on casing and drilling tool joints in order to reduce operational costs associated with Oil & Gas production. It involves the application of a wearfacing material on the drill tool joint. The process is performed by approved hardbanding applicators for OEM drill pipe producers and drilling companies.

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