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July 27, 2018

Maintaining the leadership in PTA welding: new EuTronic GAP 3511 DC Synergic


We are proud to announce the launch of the new and improved EuTronic GAP 3511 DC Synergic. Our team of developers in Poland has taken into consideration the requirements of modern day industry and integrated these requirements to an in-house designed power source. GAP 3511 DC Synergic has the latest technology for PTA welding including synergic programming.

A larger 8.4“ touch screen control panel with a user-friendly interface allows the operator a simplified and faster preselection of the welding parameters even when using welder gloves. GAP 3511 DC is the first PTA welding unit with Synergic programming in which plasma gas and powder feed is linked with the welding amperage providing absolute control of weld bead characteristics especially in automated applications.

Selectable input power provided by an integrated auto-transformer makes it easier to work with power inputs ranging from 380V to 480V. Furthermore, an electronic line monitoring protects the electronics within the power source. Electronics within the power source have been designed in-house improving communication and response speed which reflects in reliable and consistent welding. GAP 3511 DC is supplied with basic automation interface which is enough for most automated installations. Also available is the extended automation option that provides further automation options via digital and analog input/output signals.

EuTronic GAP 3511 Synergic is the most advanced PTA system on the market and is the ideal unit for automated applications. Our factory in Poland has developed modular automation accessories that can be integrated for a custom made turn-key solution for our customers. Automation options include oscillation units, AVC control and positioners that can be adapted to particular applications and part configurations.

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