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December 5, 2013

Dispersion Hardening «DH» Wearfacing Alloy Range


Dispersion Hardening is the solid state diffusion process in which small, submicron, Dispersoid particles of a new phase precipitate in the crystalline matrix to harden the alloy by hindering dislocation movements. The Dispersion Hardening alloys have MESOMORPHOUS characteristics which is an intermediate, hybridstate between Crystalline & Amorphous.

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EutecTrode 6070 N
Main Application: For wearfacing components against abrasion and erosion, especially where both fi ne and coarse grain mineral particles are present. Especially good when high temperatures are part of the process. Suitable for a wide range of steels including medium carbon steel, low alloy steels and austenitic manganese steels.

EnDOtec DO*8336
Main Application: Steel, Cement, Waste & Recycling - Transport screws, furnace chutes, exhaust fans, cyclones, conveyors, mixer blades.

EutecTrode 4119 EC
Main Application: Designed for protective coatings with extreme resistance to abrasion, erosion combined with moderate shock on carbon, alloy, stainless and cast steels. For sinter plant ventilator fans, agglomeration fans, screws and heads in the ceramics industry

EnDOtec DO*33
Main Application: Public works. Brickworks. Quarries. Dredgers. Extruder/press screw segments and pug mill augers Dust extractors - Hot screens and furnace retorts

TeroMatec 4395 N
Main Application: Specifically developed for outdoor maintenance and repair welding of thick, heavy components where faster weld deposition rates, are required. Sinter crusher bars, furnace chutes, mixer blades, paddles, scrapers

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