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September 20, 2019

Castolin Eutectic releases latest fashion TIG Welding Equipment


Castolin Eutectic has just introduced new CastoTIG welding machines, showing its continued leadership in the field. During the TIG process, the arc is created between a tungsten electrode and the workpiece in an atmosphere made up of argon. The inert atmosphere protects the molten material from oxidation. The TIG process helps to improve the quality and precision of the weld.

The new machine models incorporate the latest fashion and technology and have become more comfortable to use. The equipment also optimises the welding results. Some key features of the new welding machines are:

  • User-friendly operation owing to the intuitive large color display
  • Assist mode gives preselected parameters to the user
  • The machines of the portable range belong to the lightest on the market
  • Full power at 100% Duty Cycle for workshop range
  • Perfect arc ignition

CastoTIG 2019: The New Sturdy Hand-Held Portable Welding Equipment

Weighing only a bit over 7 kg, the 180A to 230A models are designed for TIG welding, TIG pulse, and MMA. These new models are made in Germany, and they are compatible with electricity generators. The lightweight and resistant housing makes the machines robust, easy to handle, and simple to carry around. CastoTIG 2301 DC and 2302 AC/DC come with an optional water cooling system for the torch. The AC models are able to weld aluminium in perfect quality.  

The models are designed with an intelligent high-frequency controller that reduces noise and ensures high-speed arc ignition. They have a large color control screen with four digital buttons, a physical rotating button and a graphical assistant. These factors make the new models more user-friendly by easing the access to the various functions.

CastoTIG 2019: The New Energy-Efficient Workshop Range

The models run at a welding amperage up to 280A and 450A. Given their intelligent energy management, Castolin Eutectic inverters convert virtually the whole supplied power into the arc. They are all-in-one machines with a powerful integrated water cooling system for the torch, integrated trolley for easily moving them around, dedicated TIG torches and remote control. An optional automation interface is available.

CastoTIG 2019 is essentially developed for both manual and automated applications. The current can be accurately and continuously adjusted by the help of the graphical presentation on the colored screen. The cycle of the fusion is controlled by a microprocessor that allows the user to unite the parts with matchless arc steadiness.

The best and finest control of energy allows welding of very thin thicknesses (1/10 of a mm). The concentrated and stable arc increases the speed of the process and improves the quality of the weld significantly. When utilising a very high frequency of over 17000 Hz, the welding process makes no noise at all, which means improved health and safety for operators.


The CastoTIG 2019 hand-held and workshop range have entirely changed the game. The pointing function and proper arc management guarantee reliable priming that is entirely independent of the electrode and inert gas used on minimal thickness. The management of arc energy helps in minimising deformations and, therefore, improves the quality of the job.

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