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April 8, 2018

Castolin Eutectic launches new range of advanced polymer coatings for cold rapid repairs


Castolin Eutectic has just launched a new and improved range of advanced polymer coatings, called MeCaTeC®, that provide fast practical solutions to a wide variety of industrial maintenance and repair problems caused by premature wear of critical parts used in manufacturing machinery and equipment. MeCaTec® is ideal for anti-wear coating and repair of all metals, including difficult-to-weld metals such as Ni-Hard castings.

MeCaWear : The MeCaWear A5 and A5 HT products are now easier to mix and offer improved sag resistance. The MeCaWear line also introduces elastomer modified technology that can be found in the MeCaWear 300 and 400 products. With incorporation of elastomer chemistry these products offer improved resistance to cracking from impact and flex damage. Advancements through Castolin Eutectic proprietary chemistry lead to the industry’s highest heat-resistant epoxy-based coatings in the market. MeCaWear 350 and 450 technologies are used for maintenance & repair of applications in baghouse, dust collection and piping systems where the operating temperature is below 500 F.

MeCaFix : Fatigue of metallic components susceptible to wear are not an uncommon occurrence in industrial facilities. The higher the usage, heat, corrosion and dirt the faster the rate of wear. Premature failure of mechanical components such as shafts, keyways, rollers, bearing housing and mechanical joints can lead to costly downtime. For facility operators, replacement isn’t always a viable option. The parts may not be in stock or the change out could take too long. MeCaFix is designed to get facilities up and running fast. For fast metal fills, leak repairs and adhesive bonding, MeCaFix 100 is a great choice. For larger repairs and for precision machining choose MeCaFix 120 for its ease of use, large packaging format and superior alloying content.

The MeCaCorr line is designed for wastewater, hydrocarbon service, warm industrial water and chemical exposure. This line of high-performing ceramic-based coatings is designed to extend the life of tanks, vessels and piping systems by providing a superior protective barrier against corrosive attack in some of the toughest industrial environments. MeCaCorr 700 is the Castolin Eutectic entry level product designed for municipal wastewater service. The coating offers great flexibility and is priced to be very competitive in the market. MeCaCorr 710 is designed to protect HVAC chillers and heat exchangers. The coating provides exceptional protection and it is quickly replacing competitive products used for this service.

On top of all these new technologies, Castolin Eutectic developed an application format that makes applying the polymer coatings even easier: the MeCaSpray pneumatic cartridge spray system. MeCaSpray is saving customers labor hours and improving the results of the applied coatings. This selfcontained spray system is portable and lightweight for ease of use and control. It integrates a dual stage trigger making one handed operation possible. The dual stage trigger allows atomizing air to flow to the nozzle first, before initiating material flow from the cartridge. Each two-component cartridge contains both resin and hardener, separated until ready to spray. This system provides precise mixing at the nozzle, when needed, avoiding waste and pot life concerns.

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