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March 3, 2015

Castolin Eutectic introduces two welding equipment ranges European-wide


Two new groups of welding machines have been launched by Castolin Eutectic in Europe, incorporating the latest technologies and specifically designed for ease of use and optimised welding results: the new CastoMIG and XuperArc welding equipment ranges.

The Flagship is the new XuperArc series comprising three models at 320, 400 and 500 amps. Featuring an advanced touch screen control, Castolin builds on the innovative touch screen heritage from PTA machines. These multi-tasking machines, suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding, were exhaustively tested in both standard joining, repair and maintenance applications, being tough and advanced.

The CastoMig 3500DS and CastoMig 5000DS are completely digitised, microprocessor-controlled inverter power sources, suitable for both MIG/MAG and manual metal arc welding. The modular design and potential for system add-ons ensure a high degree of flexibility.  

XuperArc and CastoMIG welding machines can be adjusted to the precise client needs due to their design. The customised repair programs, complimentary welding accessories, EN 1090-support and the ease of use are only a few of the machines' strengths.​

Both groups of  welding equipment can be employed in repair and maintenance, onsite mounting, machine and equipment construction, steelwork, plant and container construction, shipyards and the offshore industry, metal and gantry construction, rail vehicle construction.

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