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May 15, 2017

CarbiBraze: new dedicated solution for Tooling industry


Castolin Eutectic launches CarbiBraze, a new low-silver alloy for the tooling industry, with first-class mechanical properties owing to the Nickel and Manganese content. CarbiBraze is cost effective and economical due to the reduced silver content, providing at the same time excellent shear strength.

Its low melting range and the high fluidity ensure good diffusion bonding and lowest possible heat affection of the base material and the hard metal tools.

 In the tooling industry, extreme mechanical resistance for the joints is key, therefore CarbiBraze is the optimal solution for manufacturers of drillbits, saw blades and cutting discs, manufacturers of drilling crowns and more.

CarbiBraze will be initially supplied as rods and foils, but other forms will follow in the future.

To sum up, CarbiBraze is your best choice for the tooling industry with:

  • ​Low melting point.
  • Excellent fluidity and very suitable for capillary joints.
  • Best buy due to reduced Ag content.
  • Achieves best mechanical strength in joints.
  • Easy to use.

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