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May 7, 2019

Launch of the New Formulation for Welding Wire EnDOtec® DO*327 and New Electrode 6327 XHD


Welders will be more than pleased to hear about the launch of Castolin Eutectic’s new formulation for welding wire EnDOtec® DO*327 and new electrode EutecTrode 6327 XHD. These are not just any other new products but highly advanced, applying the latest technology in the industry. The electrode 6327 XHD is a high-performance-electrode for rebuilding, and wear facing applications. You can term the two new products as the perfect couple ever from Castolin Eutectic.

Improved Features

This combination comes with highly improved features. The impact wear resistance and combined abrasion are highly advanced with a sustaining hardness of up to 550 degrees Celsius and deposits that are slag and spatter-free. They offer multiple pass and coatings that are crack-free with up to 15 mm in thickness. All these improvements equal to excellent weldability, performance, and deposition rate.

Other improved features include increased precipitation of ultra-hard cubic carbide phases which are dispersed finely within a matrix that is extremely tough and having weld metals that have increased the hardness of up to 59 HRC. Also, the abrasion resistance has been improved and substantiated by test results from ASTM G65 and G99. There is more resistance against spalling, usually caused by shocks, the pressure of external impact. DO*327 & 6327 XHD advancements have caused them to stand out among other alloys in the same category.


These products are mainly developed for wear protective coatings on alloy steel and austenitic steel. The sectors where DO*327 & 6327 XHD is mostly needed are in mining, drilling, cement, quarries, dies, tools and public works. Hammers, anvils, rolls, crusher casings, mechanical loader bucket edges, and teeth also need DO*327 & 6327 XHD.

These applications are mainly where relatively thick deposits are needed, together with multiple passes that need very minimal possible risks of slag inclusion. Examples of such applications include abrasive rollers of very high pressure, tyre crushing mill blades, waste recycling blades rotor, crushing grille, and debaker comb plates.

EnDOtec® DO*327

This is a metal cored wire that is gas-shielded which was developed with the aim of producing multi-pass crack-free coating for subjects that prone to wear when they come into contact with abrasion and high pressure. It is the best product for relatively thick and multipass layers. Its deposits are resistant to cracking from stress release. EnDOtec® DO*327 contains characteristics of a unique peripheral arc. With this product, you will need low heat input to get low dilutions. It promises a maximized recovery for weld materials and positional weldability that is exceptional. 
EnDOtec® DO*327 is spattering free in virtual terms and has a regular bead profile. You will enjoy versatile usage within a wide parameter range.

Another advantage is that it will help reduce labor costs given it has a faster deposition rate. The rapid deposition rate is due to a cross-sectional design which allows it to produce a high current density automatically. In return, this means over 30% faster electrode-fusion with no sacrifice on weld quality which means weld record deposition rates that are over MIG/MAG and manual metal arc processes.

The tremendous current density of EnDOtec® DO*327 enabled a cored-wire to be welded in lower amperages as compared to wires that are solid. This makes the metal transfer stable across the arc given the ionizing elements of the core. With lower heat input welds will have better bonding, microstructure properties that are superior and fewer zones are affected by heat in maximum service performance. 

Benefits to Welders

With EnDOtec® DO*327, repairs become more comfortable and more flexible regardless of the position. When joining in semi-automatic or robotic modes with new Dual Pulse systems, there is no need to stress about positioning. The product has three standard shielding gases which cover all the applications that it might be needed for. When it comes to costs, with EnDOtec® DO*327 welders save a lot and increase their productivity over MIG/MAG and MMA processes as the welding is much faster. Services are also guaranteed to be superior and long lasting thus attracting more clients.

Having both the EnDOtec® DO*327 and new electrode 6327 XHD means quality, safety and cost-efficient welding-per-kilo deposit. Welding-parts will have high virtual quality with less effort giving welders a less for more benefit. The new-electrode 6327 XHD is unique, easy to use, ideal for in-situ repairs and an additional tool to use when repairing parts that have already been welded with 4923TM. It provides excellent positional-welding and very low heat input.


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