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March 26, 2015

Grand opening of extended Oil & Gas facilities in Eutectic Services Mexico


On 12 March 2015, the grand opening of the new Oil & Gas operations took place in the Eutectic Services workshop in Monterrey, Mexico, after a knowledge transfer program from Monitor Coatings. The Eutectic Services workshop in Monterrey is today equipped with the latest generation technology for coatings on oil drilling tools through specialised thermal spray processes such as HVOF and PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc).

The acquisition of Monitor Coatings by Castolin Eutectic in 2013 is an important milestone for the oil industry in Mexico, as it positions us as the primary centre specialising in tool maintenance for the oil industry in this country and globally. We are now able to offer the most innovative technology on the market for critical applications such as downhole motor rotors in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Monitor Coatings is a company that has developed technology for surface protection in extreme environments, achieved via the HVOF and densification processes, prolonging  component lifetime up to 10 fold.

At the event, main customers from the Mexican oil sector were present, such as Halliburton, Weatherford, Perforadora México, NOV Down Hole, Schlumberger, to name but a few.

The reception was held in the Hotel Crowne Plaza lounge, where all guests were welcomed by Joao Reis (Eng), Managing Director of Eutectic México. Ricardo Dueñas (Eng), Director of Sales and Eutectic Services Mexico, gave a brief talk on the history of the company, newly installed workshop equipment and global presence, as well as the wide range of products and surface protection solutions offered, particularly for the oil industry. A very interesting presentation on the PTA and HVOF processes followed, and to close the first part of the event, Bryan Allcock (Eng), CEO OilTec Services, spoke about the Sealplex® densification process and its benefits.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was carried out in the service workshop facilities, accompanied by inspiring speeches by Siegfried Schabel, President of the MEC Holding and John Kirkwood, President  & CEO of Eutectic Corp.

After the inauguration ceremony, the guests enjoyed a guided plant tour. The guests saw the CJK5 equipment in action in the HVOF booth, demonstrations of rotor polishing, the PTA process with the robotised EuTronic Gap 3001 unit, arc spray demonstrations with our EAS4 unit and welding equipment demos for the MIG/MAG process.

The inauguration ended splendidly with the award presented to Managing Director Joao Reis (Eng.) in recognition of his dedication for more than 25 years to the company.

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