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May 10, 2016

Castolin Eutectic Poland supports students in building Formula 1 car


Castolin Poland sponsors students from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice in the challenging project of building a Formula 1 car, which will be racing on 28-31 July in Győr, Hungary.

Conducted by the PolSl Racing Scientific Club, a student association aiming to educate tomorrow’s world-class engineers of the motorsport environment, the project consists in building a technologically-advanced and high-speed vehicle based on Formula 1 models from scratch. The team has registered its latest work at the Formula Student Competition - the largest and most prestigious automotive competition for engineering students all over the world, with more than 30 years of tradition and 30,000 participants up to now.

The Formula Student competition requires participants to design, build and test the car based on an authentic Formula 1 vehicle model. Teams will be assessed in numerous rounds, which fall into two categories: static and dynamic. Static examinations rate overall car construction, craft precision, measure weight and wheel base, and finally evaluate a business plan presentation. Every car has to pass a compulsory technical inspection before the dynamic test, the real-life race on Formula 1 tracks.

Castolin Poland has helped students in the assembly and TIG welding of the delivered main frame parts for the Formula Student Competition. Castolin Poland also assisted them with the correct setting and welding of suspension and drive train mounting points. All welds were made with CastoTig 2202 AC/DC equipment. The machine has been lent to the students, enabling them to easily weld by themselves and encourage independent work on the project. Students can also count on our technical support in the field of welded constructions.

Keep your fingers crossed between 28 -31 July  for PolSl Racing students and their vehicle at the Formula Student Competition!

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