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October 7, 2016

Safety comes first: new spraying & blasting cabins in Spain


Castolin Eutectic, always ahead in latest technologies, has invested in new spraying and blasting cabins for its workshop in Madrid area, Spain. With dimensions of 10x5x4.5 and made of 100 mm-Rockwool panels, these cabins improve our capacity to perform larger-scale operations and increase their quality. These operations will be carried out under the strictest health and safety measures.


Main features:

• Working area isolated from the exterior operating area, preventing any danger from projectiles, reducing noise and confining dust to improve both internal and external working conditions.

• Reduction of any possible spraying in nearby areas as well as evaporation, and minimization of odours.

• Dust collected directly in standardised and authorised waste bags.

• Uninterrupted work, not restricted by the weather, allows for both time frames and deadlines to be controlled.

• Controlled spray environmental conditions prevents premature rusting.

• Abrasive grain size control and less dust provides for improved roughness control and higher spray quality


All Castolin Services workshops are exclusively owned by the company and operate in line with the highest standards in terms of safety and environmental friendliness. Castolin Eutectic staff is trained appropriately and follows written procedures. 

For over 40 years we have been coating boiler tubes in our dedicated Castolin Services workshops. Today we have 15 maintenance and repair workshops in Europe which are coating boiler tubes, with diverse technologies and with a variety of experience and capabilities. Certain workshops have large spray cabins for OEM spraying of tubes and elbows with arc wire spraying and densification, others have fully automated spray and fuse facilities including induction fusing and some are specialist on complex geometries that require the flexibility and reproducibility of a robot for the spraying.

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