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September 6, 2013

Our production facility in Dublin: made in Ireland, used worldwide


In Ireland we have been working with leading edge powder production specialists to create the world's most advanced gas atomisation plant, which features a unique and effective anti-satellite and variable nozzle design for new levels of production quality and flexibility. The benefits for our customers of these new more spherical powders include increased flow rate through spraying system passages, fewer clogging disturbances, plus more uniform and rapid deposition resulting in defect-free coating.


  • Produced with precision to the highest quality standards
  • Excellent coating and property repeatability
  • Alloys available for a complete range of operating conditions including the most severe service environments
  • Products used by most industry sectors to coat surfaces of OEM parts or for their restoration and repair.
  • Ni, Fe and Co based alloys with many containing borides and carbides for enhanced wear resistance
  • Powder alloys and particle sizes optimized for the most popular coating equipment and meth- ods (Thermal spray, PTA, Laser, HVOF, etc.

Manual Metal Arc Electrodes: the EutecTrode® range of high performance electrodes formulations are developed and manufactured in Dublin. From crack repair and joining to wearfacing applications, our electrodes are famous worldwide for their high quality and have become the quality reference after 70 years of production. The complete production line has been conceived by welding consumable specialists in order to improve efficiency and quality while optimizing the work environment for our employees.

Flux Cored Arc Welding Wires: Castolin Eutectic has been an innovator and global manufacturer of metal and flux cored wires for 35 years. By shifting to the more advanced "cored wires", novel chemistry and structures can be produced. This gives true innovation in surface protection and joining applications. Our wires have been tuned for welding and arc wire spraying and to produce unique combinations of wear and cor- rosion properties.

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Quality inspection and testing is focused on each stage of our manufacturing process from raw material receipt and in-process control to finished product inspection and testing. At Castolin, we believe trained staff, documented procedures and continuous investment in control and test equipment are essential to supporting and achieving our customer’s expectations. Critical to all quality systems is the efficient management of data, which is why in 2012 we installed LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

Castolin Eutectic Ireland Limited is ISO 9001: 2015, TUV, Paton Institute, and Lloyds Marine Register certified.

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