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September 12, 2014

New Castolin Poland facilities


Castolin Poland just moved to its new headquarters in Gliwice in September 2014, located in a strategic industrial area called Diamond Business Park. The new, modern 6,300 m2 building is optimally designed and organized for Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA), Flame Spray Equipment (FSA), CastoTubes® and CDP® production, plus Castolin Services maintenance and repair activities. The relocation aims to bring all departments under the same roof: technical service, quality department, warehouse, training school, conference rooms, as well as the entire administration.

The official opening will take place on 2 December 2014, with the participation of Stefan Messer, CEO of Messer Group, and of customer representatives from Opel, Volkswagen, etc. Castolin Eutectic has been known to the Polish market since 1963 and has grown constantly from a distributorship to a fully owned selling company and most recently an important Global Supply Center. Today the company employs 66 people and is active in domestic sales of welding and coating consumables, equipment and services.

Milestones Supply Center Poland

2005 – CastoTubes® production start
2008 – Opening of new Demo and Training Center „CastoSchool”
2010 – FSE production start
2012 – PTA production start
2013 – CDP® production start

You can now reach our Polish office at:

Castolin Sp. z o.o.
Tel.: +48 32 230 67 36
Fax: +48 32 230 67 39
E-Mail:[email protected]

Address: ul. Leonarda da Vinci 5, 44-109 Gliwice, Polska

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