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February 24, 2017

Castolin Eutectic equips firefighter trucks in Madrid with plasma cutting machines


Castolin Eutectic, always at the forefront of new technologies, has equipped the firefighter trucks of the Community of Madrid, Spain, with its AirJet 1038 plasma cutting equipment in 2017.

The AirJet 1038 is a next-generation computer inverter with an innovative ignition without HF to increase the service life of the electrodes. The manufacturer of the truck, Rosenbauer, assembles the AirJet at the request of the Community of Madrid. Compact size, low weight, low energy consumption at high cutting performance and generator-compatibility are advantages when used in emergency situations. A wide range of different cutting elements for the burner makes it possible to use the machine for more complicated work, for example, cutting in grooves or for gouging. All conductive materials can be cut with good results, such as non-alloyed and low-alloy steel, aluminium, CDP® wear plates or castings.

The Fire Department of the Community of Madrid has a fleet of 352 professional vehicles. Most of them are fire engines, self-escapes and escapes of aid and rescue, which are the most used in emergencies. In 2015, for example, they have treated more than 19,000 cases, of which 7,500 were fires.


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