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April 15, 2013

Castolin Eutectic acquires Monitor Coatings Group

Castolin Eutectic announces its acquisition of privately-held Monitor Coatings Group, a technology leader for surface engineering in extreme environments with facilities in the UK, Singapore and China.

Serving customers in the oil and gas, steel, power and aerospace industries, Monitor Coatings has earned its market position on highly performant technology solutions, operating to the highest quality standards, including ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP accreditation. In the Oil & Gas industry, directional drilling has opened up affordable access to even the remotest sources of oil. The techniques involved pose new challenges in material wear. By developing ultra-dense, high wear-resistant coatings based on a novel thermal spray and densification process, Monitor Coatings has developed high-tech processes that offer ultimate protection for that drilling equipment. This technology prolongs the life of drilling tools and provides sustainable, durable equipment to the market, thereby significantly reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact.

“Castolin Eutectic and Monitor Coatings create the leading force in industrial wear and corrosion protection. With this step we further strengthen our technology and service activities – core to our growth strategy,” said Siegfried Schabel, CEO of MEC Group.

“Partnering with Castolin Eutectic gives us the ability to grow faster and serve our customers even better. Castolin Eutectic’s strong international presence and know-how, together with Monitor Coatings’ innovative technology will bolster the offer to our combined client base,” says Dr. Bryan Allcock, CEO and founder of Monitor Coatings Group.

Castolin Eutectic and Monitor Coatings processes are at the forefront of technological development in thermal spray and hard-facing coatings. These include: High Velocity Oxy- Fuel (HVOF), Thermo-Chemical Conversion Coatings (densification), Air-Plasma and Low- Pressure Plasma coatings (including ceramics such as thermal barrier coatings and Nanoparticle derived coatings), Arc spray coatings, Laser cladding and Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) cladding solutions.

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