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August 20, 2014

Castolin and HeidelbergCement work hand-in-hand for sustainable resource management and environmental protection


Kriftel, 23.07.2014: On the occasion of an awards ceremony, Castolin Eutectic, the worldwide market leader for application solutions in maintenance, repair, wear protection, as well as special joining technology, conferred the Conservationist of the Year Award 2014 on its long-standing customer HeidelbergCement AG.

As long ago as in 1973, Castolin Eutectic brought the Conservationist of the Year Award to life to distinguish companies who truly commit themselves to the protection of resources and the environment. This distinction has, to date, not lost any of its topicality. On the contrary, given increasingly depleting raw materials, the constantly growing mountains of refuse, as well as climate change, resource protection and waste recycling play an increasingly important role.

For HeidelbergCement AG environmental protection is also tradition. The company considers itself tied to sustainability, the securing of resources and efficient production processes. At the same time, Castolin, as part of the leitmotif to protect the earth's precious resources, has adopted specific measures to counteract wear phenomena in machines and plants. As a result, both companies work together as part of their joint responsibility for the environment.

Conservationist of the Year Award

In July 2014, the commitment of HeidelbergCement AG was acknowledged by Castolin Eutectic with the Conservationist of the Year Award. Castolin Eutectic gave the award for the long-standing excellent services offered by HeidelbergCement AG in the area of industrial wear protection. Heidelberg Cement AG was honoured in this way for its sensitive approach to resources, the underlying innovation and its solution-oriented strategy.

The award was handed by Management at Castolin GmbH in the presence of the Managing Director of MEC Holding GmbH. During his speech prior to giving the award, Wifried Beer, Sales Director at Castolin GmbH, explained the significance of the distinction: "The nine rays of the sun stand for partnership,  innovation, inspiration, solutions, saving resources, saving on costs, long service life, the most varied metals and, finally, wear protection and joining technology."

Following the speech, Ralf Kohl, Group Lead Buyer at HeidelbergCement AG, expressed his delight as recipient of the award: "This honour is certainly a highlight in the collaboration between HeidelbergCement and Castolin. It gives us immense pleasure to have been chosen and be part of the hall of fame, when reflecting on past winners such as Busatis, ÖBB, Lafarge Cement and Sappi Paper."

And the Engineer Frank Hartwig, Director of Servicing at the Schelklingen Plant of HeidelbergCement AG, was thrilled that it was Castolin who conferred such an honour on HeidelbergCement AG: "I virtually grew up with Castolin products. Even during my training I realised that Castolin was a reliable partner for wear protection. The award will occupy a worthy place in the Schelklingen Plant."

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