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December 19, 2016

Castolin Scandinavia donates to "Save the Children" for Christmas


Merry X-mas, you get nothing! Instead of Christmas presents for customers, Castolin Scandinavia has chosen to make a contribution to "Save the Children", an organisation  offering worldwide assistance to children in difficulty. "Save the Children" is a children rights organization that ensures their rights are respected, provides lifesaving supplies for children caught up in disasters like floods, famine, wars and secures a good quality education.

There are over 2 billion children in the world. The living conditions of these children differ markedly. Vulnerable children are both in the poorest countries in the world and in countries which are normally safe and good to grow up in. In Sweden live such a frightening large number of children in poverty. Based on this, the organisation protects the children' right to grow up free from violence, abuse and violations, the right to be able to eat until they are full and get care if they are ill, the right to go to school and have a say in matters concerning them.

"35 million children are refugees in the world today. Save the Children is working on the ground in the disaster areas, along escape routes and in Sweden. We will continue these efforts and help even more children if  people support our work," says "Save the Children" Secretary General Elisabeth Dahlin.




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