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March 31, 2014

Castolin Services France : Investment in new last-generation Welding Robot


With its vast expertise in metallurgy, in the production of high-performance welding consumables and equipment, Castolin has invested in its Castolin workshop in France at Verrières-le-Buisson with a new welding robot for the protection of wear parts.

The new robot offers the possibility to protect components against wear via MIG/MAG Welding, Open Arc Welding and PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) under optimum conditions of quality and reproducibility owing to the continuous recording of welding parameters. Coating is possible with most metal alloys in the form of wires or powders (steel, cast iron alloys, stainless steel, cobalt, nickel) and composite materials (metal matrix with carbides). The robot is optimized to provide maximum ease of use and flexibility for handling a large variety of parts from a few kilograms to 1 ton weight, 3m height and 4m length.

One of the most advanced wear protection systems on the market

Components of small or large series can be wear-protected : from crusher hammers , knives, scrapers until large conveyor screws of several meters in length. Having a partner like Castolin, with complete control over the welding process (from the development of filler products and welding machines to the metallurgical expertise and in-house manufacturing in our Castolin workshop) is an asset to the industry actors seeking to increase the performance and reliability of their production equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

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