Our Welding Consumables Products

The following samples from Castolin Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us. Hereby we inform you that the brass parts of the products in this catalog contain more than 0.1% lead (CAS No. 7439-92-1).

CastoTig® 45507 W
TIG rod for joining or coating tool steel or dissimilar steels. Buttering layer before wearfacing
CastoTig® 45612 W
High nickel-content nickel-chromium alloy TIG filler rod for anti-wear protective coating, repair and joining of parts in steel and nickel alloys
CastoTig® 45703 W
Bronze-base alloy TIG filler rod for repair and maintenance of parts in copper, brass, bronze (for casting defects) as well as for anti-wear protective coating of parts in steel or cast iron
CastoTig® 45706 W
Copper-base alloy TIG filler rod for joining copper and its alloys
CastoTig® 45751 W
TIG filler rod for anti-wear protective coating, repair and joining of parts in copper and copper alloys.
EutecTrode® XHD 6860
Innovation in maraging steel
EutecTrode® 4119 EC
Dispersion Hardening «DH» Wearfacing Alloy Range
EutecTrode® Chamfertrode 03/04
Special manual electrodes for chamfering, gouging, and removal of old, worn or cracked metal, plus correction of casting defects
EutecTrode® CutTrode 01
Special manual electrode for rapid cutting and piercing of most metals, in all positions
EutecTrode® N9080
Electrode deposits a work hardening cobalt based alloy (Grade 21 type), intended for resurfacing for protection against wear combined with corrosion, heat and impact.
EutecTrode® 2-26 D
Hot welding of grey cast irons
EutecTrode® 2-44
Low-heat-input manual electrode for cold welding of contaminated cast irons
EutecTrode® XHD 2230
Low-heat-input manual electrode for repairing high-strength nodular cast irons and for dissimilar joining of cast iron with steels
EutecTrode® 6666
Double-coated manual electrode for joining structural steels. Applications include machine frames, supports, high-pressure pipes, flanges, angle steel, irons and joints subjected to heavy stresses.
EutecTrode® Castinox D
Electrode developed for assembly and repair of AISI 309 (25/12), 310 (25/20), and 314 type refractory steel. Excellent resistance to heat (up to 1200 °C) and corrosion.
EutecTrode® Xuper 680 S
Low heat input, highly alloyed steel manual electrode
EutecTrode® XHD 6868
Special manual electrode for anti-wear protective coating, repair and joining of difficult-to-weld steels and galvanised steels
EutecTrode® XHD 2100
Low-heat-input manual electrode for joining wrought aluminium alloys
EutecTrode® 2101 S
Low-heat-input manual electrode for joining cast aluminium alloys, plus repair and maintenance of sheet aluminium and aluminium castings, defects, including rebuilding, filling cracks, breaks and missing sections.
EutecTrode® N102
Manual electrode for anti-wear protective coatings on parts subjected to pressure and impact wear, including grab buckets, dragline buckets, crusher hammers, ripper teeth, drills, chisels and forging tools
EutecTrode® 6450
Manual electrode for anti-wear protective coatings and intermediate layers on steel parts such as drive sprockets, conveyor rollers, crusher hammers, railway points and overhead gantry rails.
EutecTrode® Xuper 6055
Manual electrode for anti-wear protective coatings on parts such as shear blades, deep drawing and stamping tools and dies in the automobile and mechanical engineering industries.
EutecTrode® 6804
High metal recovery electrode developed for protective coatings on parts subject to elevated temperatures in combined wear regimes: heat – corrosion – friction
EutecTrode® 6600
Special manual electrode for machine construction and joining boiler components, bodywork, tanks, containers, vehicle chassis, pipes and tubular assemblies, shipbuilding
EutecTrode® 6601
Special manual electrode for positional joining of unalloyed steels and cast steels. Applications include boilers and tubular assemblies, vehicle bodies, machine construction, shipbuilding
EutecTrode® XHD 646
High metal recovery electrode for high impact resistance, rebuilding worn parts in 14% manganese steel. Buttering layer before wearfacing.
EutecTrode® XHD 6080
High metal recovery electrode developed for High Speed Steel tools and dies for cutting, trimming, drawing and pressing
EutecTrode® Xuper NucleoTec 2222
Low heat input, high nickel based alloy manual electrode
EutecTrode® XHD 6899
Manual electrode for work-hardening anti-wear protective coatings on high temperature tools and dies for forging, stamping and trimming
EutecTrode® XHD 6865
High metal recovery electrode depositing a special nickel alloy, developed for wear protective coatings on hot working tools and dies