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Redefiniendo la protección de superficies y la eficiencia de los activos desde 1906.

Aumentamos su productividad industrial

Soluciones rentables de reparación y mantenimiento

Nacida en 1906, Castolin Eutectic es hoy una empresa líder mundial en mantenimiento, protección de superficies y uniones especiales mediante soldaduras por arco, soldaduras fuertes y revestimientos. Ofrecemos soluciones de eficacia demostrada y valor añadido para industrias de todo el mundo que emplean tecnología avanzada de materiales. Mediante un equipo internacional de más de 400 especialistas de aplicaciones cualificados, colaboramos en asociación con nuestros clientes para reducir los costes de mantenimiento y aumentar la productividad. Otros venden productos y tecnologías, los especialistas en aplicaciones de Castolin Eutectic asesoran a múltiples sectores fundamentales como el cemento, el hierro, el acero, el petróleo y el gas para aumentar la eficiencia de su producción y el ahorro de costes para sus clientes.

Expertos asesores y fabricación interna

Nuestras fortalezas:
  • Conocimiento experto demostrado en aplicaciones y orientación a la industria
  • I+D y fabricación internos
  • Especialistas internacionales en aplicaciones perfectamente formados
  • Próximos a sus necesidades y filosofía de valores
  • Cursos de formación impartidos por nuestros instructores cualificados
  • La gama más amplia de productos industriales

Amplia variedad de productos y aplicaciones

Sus beneficios:
  • Trabajo en colaboración con auténticos expertos en protección de superficies, reparaciones y uniones
  • Los conocimientos más expertos en el uso de tecnologías de soldadura por arco, soldadura fuerte y revestimientos
  • Soluciones rentables y a medida gracias a una amplia gama de productos y aplicaciones
  • Mantener la producción interna nos permite controlar la calidad de cada fase del proceso

Nuestra historia

A la cabeza de la protección contra el desgaste y las uniones especiales durante más de un siglo
Foundation of Castolin in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Jean-Pierre Wasserman

His stroke of genius: to discover a way of brazing cast iron at low temperature - a revolutionary process for the protection and repair of metals that would have been impossible to join otherwise. Castolin also developed fluxes, brazing alloys, and cast-iron repair techniques.

René Wasserman, the founder's son, joined the company in the 1930´s

Through his remarkable foresight and the use of "modern" sales techniques (demos and application marketing), Castolin started on its road to glory. Seeing immense possibilities in the U.S.

Foundation of "Eutectic Welding Alloys Corporation" in New York

The know-how of Eutectic engineers together with the reliability and versatility of its products enabled Eutectic to become the predominant specialist brand in the Americas and Anglo-Saxon countries.

Foundation of "Eutectic Welding Alloys Company Ltd." in London
Foundation of "Castolin Italiana S.r.l." (Salteco S.p.A.) in Milan
Foundation of "Société Française Soudures Castolin" in Asnières
Foundation of "Deutsche Castolin Schweissmaterial GmbH" in Frankfurt-Nied
Foundation of "Eutectic Japan Ltd"
Start of the first Castolin workshops
Inauguration of the first Institute

Recognising the importance of making technical know-how easily available to customers and the international technical community, René Wasserman created the Castolin Eutectic Institute. A visionary initiative which has since trained many thousands of technicians from all over the world.

Conservationist of the Year Award

Launch of the Conservationist of the Year Award recognising a company's commitment to the environment by utilising wear protective technologies. Environmental responsibility has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy. Long before it became fashionable, our company was promoting the concept of conserving natural resources by extending the life and increasing the efficiency of machinery and industrial equipment.

World's first gas atomised powder production
CDP® Wearplate development and production
Creation of Global Industry Program

We have particular expertise in the follow industries: Steel, Cement, Waste & Recycling, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Glass, Pulp & Paper, Automobile.

Part of Messer World

On January 31, 2005, the Messer family became the majority shareholder. We are extremely happy to be a family company again and Messer is an ideal owner. If you take a look at the histories of the Messer companies and of Castolin Eutectic, there are surprising similarities. Both businesses were founded at the start of the 20th century and had nearly identical philosophies to grow through Innovation, Quality and Partnership with Customers.

100 years Anniversary

Investment in developing countries such as Russia, China, Ukraine, Egypt, and global manufacturing.

Introduction of NanoAlloy®

Opening the world's most advanced powder production facility and introduction of the first NanoAlloy® welding consumable.

Castolin Services evolution

Castolin Services growth and acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Canada, China, Turkey, Austria, Norway, Hungary and Belgium.

New Castolin Services workshops in Mexico, Belgium and Austria
Acquisition of Monitor Coatings

Monitor Coatings, a technology leader for surface engineering in extreme environments with facilities in the UK, Singapore and China.

Acquisition of Whertec

Whertec, a privately owned company with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. Whertec has secured a leading position in the boiler coatings market covering the power, recycling, biomass, steel and pulp & paper industries.

Geographical expansion in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia

Besides growing existing branches, plans for 2015 focused on the Cement, Steel and Mining Industries in Saudi Arabia. The goals of Castolin West Africa Ltd in Nigeria are to create strategic alliances with the country´s major Oil and Cement industrial players and to establish advanced on-site repair capabilities.

Furnace Mineral Products (FMP) joins Castolin Eutectic Group

A privately owned corporation based in Toronto, Canada, FMP specializes in the research, development, manufacture and field application of innovative, inorganic-hybrid coatings. FMP enjoys a strong presence in the USA as well as more recently also succeeded in entering markets in the Middle East and Asia.


Pensamiento global, actuación local

En 2018, Castolin Eutectic generó 291 millones de euros en ventas con 1600 empleados. Disponemos de 10 centros de abastecimiento, 20 centros de servicios y 31 centros de mercado. Los centros de abastecimiento son plantas de fabricación de electrodos, cables, polvos, flujos, placas antidesgaste y equipo de revestimiento; los centros de servicio prestan servicios y maquinaria relacionados con piezas antidesgaste acabadas, soldadura y revestimientos; y los centros de mercado gestionan las ventas y el servicio de atención al cliente en todos los continentes.

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