Boiler Coating and Boiler Repair

Extending boiler lifetime up to 3 times

Boilers are large and expensive installations which can suffer enormously from wear caused by corrosion and erosion, aggravated by very high temperatures. The exact type of wear experienced varies from one part of a boiler to another and is influenced by the overall design of the boiler and the type of combustible fuel.

Castolin Eutectic´s protective coatings significantly extend the service life of worn boiler components, making them last longer than uncoated new parts. Our protective coatings are a more cost-effective solution than replacement of the worn parts with new ones and offer direct savings in materials and valuable reductions in downtime. Additionally, Castolin Eutectic offers the widest range of coating products, so protection can be tailored against the specific combination of wear phenomena found in each part of every boiler.


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  • Excellent references
  • We are flexible
  • Wear and corrosion analysis
  • New Materials development


Excellent references

Together with our partners, during the last decades we have proved that preventive maintenance on boilers can extend the lifetime by as much as 2 to 3 times. Such maintenance operations are undertaken every day by our technicians, with 80% of them being on-site repairs and the rest workshop repairs.

Our specialists are highly adaptable experts having worked on a broad range of boiler designs for more than 20 years throughout the world. From Pulverized Fuel fired boilers to fluidized bed boilers, we have also been successful in supplying boiler manufacturers with new OEM parts produced on a regular basis with the unique Castolin Eutectic protective coatings.

We are flexible! Jobs on site or in our facilities

We have general purpose facilities in most countries, equipped with "state-of-the-art" technology, diverse process technologies and highly skilled technical specialists. Depending on your request, the job can be undertaken in our own facilities as well as at your plant. When your boiler components are too large to be moved for example, our Castolin Services maintenance experts will visit your premises to solve the problem on-site.

Flexible processes

Our experts can provide outstanding coating quality using a wide range of processes, from cold spraying, spray and fuse, wire spraying to HVOF. Thanks to our long experience with boiler refurbishment we have developed special equipment installations that addresses the issues of boiler access for on-site coating or full automation for OEM boiler coating work.

Wear and corrosion analysis

The latest state-of-the-art testing machines and facilities are essential to accurately measure and understand the complex relationship between chemistry, process and application.

We work with world experts in Technical Universities for testing and modelling in addition to having fully equipped labs with electron microscopes and wear test facilities.

New Materials development

Providing complete solutions for boiler maintenance and performance improvement is our goal. Thanks to our R&D department and the long experience in maintaining boilers, we have developed special products providing unbeatable wear and corrosion resistance: our NanoAlloys® as well as our range of unique powders and wires developed for boiler coating.



Castolin Eutectic has a powerful weapon in the wire alloys for its war on “High Load High Wear” by using a new approach. The world’s first NanoAlloy™ formulation was developed to provide outstanding abrasion and erosion resistance. This was achieved by using a lower cost ferrous alloy with bulk hardness values reaching 71HRC!

Industry proven Spray and Fuse alloys

Castolin Eutectic was amongst one of the first companies to recognise and offer nickelbased self fluxing alloys as a wear and corrosion resistant coating for boiler tubes in the 1980s and have developed a considerable reputation and experience of these alloys. A novel high Molybdenum, high silicon alloy was developed and patented for severe corrosive environments and patented. This solution combined the inherent properties of such fused coatings such as diffusion bonding, zero through porosity with improved performance over even welded 626 alloys. The increasing demands of waste incineration environments are leading to new developments.

EuTronic® Arc Wires

Through development in the early 1990s with leading power companies and high temperature wear institutes a family of iron-based high temperature boiler coating alloys was developed for arc wire spraying. Today these solid industrial references are being used for new alloy development, spurned by improvements in application equipment and increasing performance demands.


The unique quality and properties of HVOF are attractive to boiler coating. The experience gained in arc wire and powder alloy developments is being modified to bring a new generation of Fe and Ni alloy powders for HVOF spraying.

BTC Coating Systems
More than 40 years experience of spraying protective coatings in boilers has lead to the evolution of our current offering of “Applied Coating Systems” rather than simple spray products. These “Applied Coating Systems”, which we call BTC are our most cost-effective and reliable solutions to severe wear and corrosion problems that function within the industry’s strict operating environments. These BTC Coating Systems are your guarantee that our complete experience in alloy design, equipment development, spray parameter optimisation and on site logistics are all utilized to provide the best coating possible in the field. These BTC coatings are therefore based on a number of technologies.


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BTW wire range
A full range of BTW wires have been specially designed and optimised to be used with the arc wire and densification process. Their selection depends on the boiler conditions. Corrosion, erosion or both at the same time will require different alloys.
BTW 55: Iron-based alloy resistant to erosive and moderate corrosive conditions
BTW 58: Iron-based alloy resistant to extreme erosive and moderate corrosive conditions
BTW 65: Nickel-based alloy resistant to severe corrosive conditions
BTW 66: Nickel-based alloy resistant to severe corrosive and erosive/abrasive conditions.


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Onsite work & Castolin workshops
For over 40 years we have been coating boiler tubes in our dedicated Castolin Services workshops. Today we have 15 Castolin Services workshops in Europe who are coating boiler tubes, with a variety of technologies and capabilities. Certain workshops have large spray cabins for OEM spraying of tubes and elbows with arc wire spraying and densification, others have fully automated spray and fuse facilities including induction fusing and some are specialist on complex geometries that require the flexibility and reproducibility of a robot for the spraying. All Castolin Services workshops are wholy owned by Castolin and are run to the highest standards of safety and environmental concerns.


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Trained for tough conditions
On-site boiler coating work demands additional organisational and practical skills than workshop coating. Such logistic demands include the need to have all the coating equipment transported into the boiler often through a small hole, to have specially designed robust, transportable spray equipment, specialist protection suits for operators, automated spray systems for large areas, in situ quality control, full safety and operation documentation, etc. All operators are trained and certified in thermal spraying. All arc wire spray equipment is Castolin “boiler designed” to give high performance under the most demanding environments and to be easy to use.


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