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MetalMaster 2.0 – un classique revisité: la technique de coupage en mode compact - un rendement élevé à un petit prix

Performance maximale dans un espace minimum –cela vous semble impossible pour une oxycoupeuse ? La nouvelle MetalMaster 2.0 de Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, Groß-Umstadt, vous offre exactement cela et bien plus encore ! De plus, cette machine est extrêmement économique et combine les avantages des découpes plasma et autogènes.

Etant donné que la MetalMaster 2.0 offre la qualité Messer pour un rapport qualité-prix très abordable, ceci permet à bien des entreprises d’accéder à un usinage des métaux de haut niveau.


Pipe cutting system PTC500 from Messer Cutting Systems: Quick and easy to the perfect weld preparation

In its new pipe cutting system PTC500 Messer Cutting Systems GmbH has integrated the offline cutting software from the Dutch specialists in 3D profiling, the company HGG Profiling Equipment – and so made possible the multi-axis control to cut pipes up to six metres long with diameters up to 500 mm efficiently.

If you suspect that the operation of the system is complicated and burdensome then we have good news for you: only a couple of steps and actions are necessary to prepare for cutting. Thus the pipe is placed on at least two pipe support carriages and positioned close to the chuck. The axis of the pipe and the axis of the pipe drive are made to coincide using a manual (optionally electrical) height adjustment, and the pipe is clamped in a three axis chuck. A self-limiting trapezium threaded spindle keeps the height position constant, once it has been set. The PTC500 processes pipes with diameters from 50 to 500 mm with wall thicknesses from 2 to 30 mm. The maximum length is 6 m, 2.000 kg the maximum weight. Greater pipe lengths can also be realised on request. For simple pipe separation the plasma torch of the Messer MultiTherm® or OmniMat® can be set perpendicularly to the pipe surface, while the pipe axis rotates. With the plasma units Skew Rotator Infinity or Skew Rotator Delta, weld preparations, for example up to 50° relative to the pipe surface, can be cut. The dust produced is removed instantly by the integrated internal pipe extraction. plus...


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