Weld Overlay

Weld Overlay

Choose Whertec Weld Overlay and it’s repaired right and maintained to last.

From power producers to steel manufacturer’s, paper mills, chemical plants and refineries, there’s one thing in common. You rely on boilers and pressure vessels to create your finished products.

Whertec Weld Overlay Capabilities

  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME section 8 pressure vessels
  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME section 1 boilers
  • Certified NBIC R Stamp to perform work nationwide
  • Automated weld overlay capabilities for vertical and horizontal on-site applications
  • Automated blast and coating capabilities for vessels and tanks
  • Turnkey maintenance services
  • Project management, repair and budget forecasts and reports, inspections and scaffolding
  • Self-sufficient crews with trained and experienced supervision

It’s a harsh environment. High pressure. Extreme heat. Erosion and corrosion take their toll. And before you know it, you’re faced with a costly shutdown to repair the problem. Still worse, you have to contend with this inevitability time after time.