Our Products

The following samples from Castolin Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.

CastoTubes® are Castolin Eutectic's response to the market request for erosion-resistant pipe sections and elbows.
 XuperMIG 4004 DS
Welding machine for steel construction, repair and maintenance
Brazing technology for joining hard metals to structural substrates
 EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic
For joining, coating and brazing
Formulated for reliable Copper joining applications
CastoJet® HVOF Powder 55396C
Self-fluxing alloy – Nickel chromium silicon boron
 XuperMIG 3004 Compact
Sturdy and practical MIG/MAG-all-rounder for every welding application
Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4
The new water-based oxyfuel station
 XuperArc 3200 C
Digitally controlled Pulse-Inverter for best welding results and multiple applications
World’s first laser plate
Eutalloy® 10611
Co-Ni-Cr-B-Si alloy and tungsten carbide. 50% tungsten carbides.
Holds gas cylinders, powder feeder, power source and cooling.
 GAP UniCoating V2.0
Universal Coating System
 CastoDyn SF Lance Kits
Modular System to cold spray or to hot spray
 SuperJet-S- Kits
Modular delivery system to spray-fuse Eutalloy® powders
 CastoFuse Torch Kits
The oxy-acetylene fusion torch to preheat and fuse Eutalloy® RW coatings
 CastoDyn DS 8000 Kits
A user friendly, advanced industrial thermal spray coating system
 CastoDyn EP Controller
Motor-Controller for the powder feeder EP2
EnDOtec® DO*8336
Dispersion Hardening «DH» Wearfacing Alloy Range
EnDOtec® DO*257
EnDOtec Seamless SCW Range “Solid Cored Wires”
EnDOtec® DO*310
EnDOtec Seamless SCW Range “Solid Cored Wires”
Eutalloy® 10680
Alloy nickel-based powder for anti-wear protective coatings on metals including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and nickel alloys.
EnDOtec® DO*351
EnDOtec Seamless SCW Range “Solid Cored Wires”
EnDOtec® DO*322
Gas-shielded metal cored wire developed for producing multi pass, anti-wear coatings on parts subject to abrasion and erosion by small particles.
EnDOtec® DO*327
Gas-shielded metal cored wire developed for producing multi pass, crack-free coating of parts subject to wear by combined abrasion and impact with high pressures.
EnDOtec® DO*332
Gas-shielded metal cored wire developed for multi pass, anti-wear coatings having excellent resistance to abrasion and moderate impact.
EnDOtec® DO*390N
Gas shielded, unique NanoAlloy metal cored wire developed for anti-wear coatings extremely resistant to abrasion, erosion combined with minimal impact on carbon, low alloy, stainless and cast steel parts.
EnDOtec® DO*02
Gas-shielded metal cored wire developed for welding difficult-to-weld steels, armour plate and manganese steel.
EnDOtec® DO*04
Gas-shielded metal cored wire develped for producing anti-wear coating depositing steel alloyed with chromium, cobalt and molybdenum. Excellent resistance to wear by metal-to-metal friction, mechanical properties stable up to 500°C.
EnDOtec® DO*06
Gas-shielded metal cored wire developed for producing anti-wear coatings with High Speed Steel properties for fabrication or repair of damaged tools. Increased resistance to shock, pressure, cracking and oxidation at high temperature.