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The Reliability Experts

Find the Weak Links in Your System Before They Cause an Outage.  

Whertec Industrial Process Equipment Inspections

Make smart maintenance decisions with Boiler Inspection Services. Work with the experts for:

  • Field Services
  • Lab Services
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Analysis

Extensive Experience  

Boiler Inspection Services

For thousands of inspections, Boiler Inspection Services has provided management with relevant and timely data to understand the root problems associated with boilers and pressurized vessels. We have the tools to identify weak points before they become a forced outage.


Only the highest-caliber technicians

Rigorous Training

Boiler Inspection Services has made a commitment to hire and retain only the highest-caliber technicians. Plus, each technician has undergone an extensive certification regimen to meet the most stringent standards in our industry. With us, you can be guaranteed quality service, integrity and fully code-compliant service.

Proprietary software to capture comprehensive inspection data

Clear Reporting

Boiler Inspection Services provides you with an easy-to-understand reports that detail exactly where your vulnerabilities exist. We monitor and provide quality control documentation for all Whertec services-from protective coatings to welding projects.

Additionally, BIS has developed proprietary software to capture comprehensive inspection data about your project including mapping, coating readings, ultrasonic thickness data and quality control plan (QCP) documents.

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