Eutalloy® 10224

Alloy Ni-B-Si. Appropriate for new or worn cast iron. Good resistance to corrosion.

Eutalloy® 10224 (NiTec) is a nickel-based alloy with properties which make it ideal for protective coating, joining and cladding applications on a variety of base metals including steels, cast irons and nickel alloys. The deposit is easy to machine, with standard cutting tools, and has a low coefficient of friction and wear resistance properties which make it ideal for protection against metal-to-metal friction.

It is also exceptionally heat resistant.

Eutalloy® 10224 is manufactured by a process of atomisation, designed to ensure both optimum spheroidisation and controlled granulometry.

This in turn ensures trouble-free fusion of the alloy using Eutalloy® torch SuperJet S.

Eutalloy® 10224, applied with a Eutalloy® system, produces smooth and uniform quality coatings.

This maintenance-engineered coating technology increases the value and reliability of parts treated, with results far superior to conventional repair processes, and savings in costs including those of machining.

Eutalloy® 10224 is recommended for rectifying both machining and casting defects, as well as for protective coatings against oxidation, with a considerable gain in service life for a number of parts.

Features and benefits

  • For joining and coating applications
  • Good resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to friction
  • Very good resistance to heat
  • Easily machinable with standard cutting tools
  • Applied by simultaneous spray/fusion-process, using SuperJet Eutalloy S torch

Recommended for corrosion/wear resistant coatings on journals and gearwheels, exhaust manifolds, etc., for repair of casting and machining defects and for repair of worn areas of deepdrawing dies.
Technical data: 
Deposit Hardness ~240 HV30
Service temperature (max.)~600ºC