CDP® 4666 XuperWave S

Unique combination of ultra-hard phases providing best service life

CDP® 4666 XupeWave S is latest addition to our family of highest performance wearplates. Unique weld bead geometry provides additional value, improving even more wear performance and minimizing plate scrap. Sinus pattern completely eliminates linear overlapped beads and their overlappings. This in turn results in identical wear properties in any direction and allows most economical use of entire wearfaced surface. Coating technology preserves all mechanical values of base material allowing further processing by rolling and bending. Improved geometry of first and last weld bead provides bigger usable hardfaced area.

Technical data: 
Weardfaced area dimensions 1230 x 2740 mm
Base material S235 JR+N – others available on request
Macro hardness 63 HRC, hard phases (carbides) 1500 – 2700 HV
Hard phases content >50%
Max. service temperature 450°C