CDP® 4666

CDP® 4666 is a composite material made of a structural steel backing and a hard weld surfacing, corresponding to DIN 8555

CDP® 4666 is a composite material made of an easy-to-weld steel plate coated by means of open arc welding with a layer of abrasion and erosion resistant alloy.
The complex carbides coating shows a superior wear resistance when compared to CrC wearplates due to:

1. higher carbide density = higher resistance to finer abrasives
2. higher average carbides hardness = higher resistance to abrasives

Industry Examples
Cement, Mines and Quarries, Steel, Waste and Recycling, Glass, Coal Fired Power Plants and in general any industry where raw materials handling and processing, up to 500-600 °C, causes wear by means of abrasion and erosion.
Any application involving abrasion and/or erosion. CDP® 4666 is at the top of the range of welded CDP®. For better performance against abrasion and especially to improve the erosion resistance, only CDP® 112 or PTA CDP® 6503 can be taken into consideration. When applied for high temperature applications, above 450-500 °C, or when used at high temperature as a structural part, a material with higher mechanical and oxydation resistance should be chosen.
Technical data: 
Dimensions 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2)
Base material mild steel – other metals available on request
Type of wearfacing Chromium carbide, Niobium carbide and Boron carbide rich alloy
Hardness of the weld cladded surface 62-65 HRC
Carbide content > 50%
Max operating temperature 450°C