CDP® 1001

Readily weldable base plate for fast installation
  • Unique combination of ultra-hard phases providing best service life, even in most demanding applications
  • ƒƒ

  • Larger surface area of wearfacing
  • ƒƒReadily weldable base plate for fast installation
  • ƒƒ Easy to form by bending and rolling

CDP® 1001 is the latest addition to our family of highest performance wearplates. Unique weld bead geometry provides additional value, improving even more wear performance and minimizing plate scrap. Coating technology preserves all mechanical values of base material allowing further processing by rolling and bending.

CDP® are engineered for exceptional wear resistance.
This performance results from:
1. Ultra-hard phases anchored in a tough matrix. Their hardness is typically 2-3 times higher than the most abrasive media used in industrial processes.
2. The Unique geometry of the hard phases dispersed between regular needle shaped phases which are all firmly anchored within a tough matrix.

This prevents premature “washing out” of the hard phases from the “softer” matrix by wear mechanisms. The unique process of cooling control gives extremely low levels of dilution for this type of wearplate. Consequently, a very reliable and constant wear rate is guaranteed throughout the entire thickness of the protective coating.

Technical data: 
Weardfaced area dimensions 1400x2930 mm
Base material S235 JR+N – others available on request
Macro hardness 58 – 60 HRC, hard phases (carbides) 1500 – 2200 HV
Max. service temperature 350°C