Our Brazing Consumables Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

EutecRod CarbiBraze
Brazing technology for joining hard metals to structural substrates
EutecRod 16 / 16XFC
Cu-Zn-Ni-Si braze welding alloy for steels.
EutecRod Xuper 18 XFC®
Cu-Zn-Mn-Sn-Si braze welding alloy for maximum security joints. Ideal for joining of galvanized steel tubes, tubular frames.
EutecRod Xuper 146 XFC®
Cu-Zn-Sn-Si braze welding alloy. Formulated to have a highly active flux to facilitate oxide removal.
EutecRod Xuper 185 XFC®
A nickel enhanced copper-base brazing rod for tough rebuilds and low frictional overlays.
EutecRod 190
Low-melting temperature alloy for capillary brazing of aluminium.
EutecRod 21 FC-E
Specially designed for the repair and rebuilding of aluminium alloys.
EutecRod 180
Self-fluxing brazing alloy for the brazing of copper.
EutecRod 1804
Self-fluxing capillary brazing alloy for copper and copper alloys.
EutecRod 1803
Self-fluxing capillary brazing alloy for copper and copper alloys.
EutecRod 1020 FC / Xuper 1020XFC / 1800
High silver content, Cadmium-free brazing alloy.
EutecRod 1030 FC
An easy to braze alloy for poor fit-up joints and for general purpose brazing. Contains cadmium
EcoBraze 38240
A cadmium-free alloy for tungsten carbides, ferrous, and non-ferrous alloys
EcoBraze 38245
A cadmium-free alloy with increased silver and tin for improved flow properties in close fitting applications.
EcoBraze 38250
A cadmium-free alloy with good fluidity. For 300 series stainless steel food handling and hospital equipment . Also for small carbide inserts
EcoBraze 38256
High silver content, Cadmium-free brazing alloy for food handling equipment and for joints with clearances less than 0.005"
Eutectic® Silweld 1618 PA
High-silver content, Cadfree ready-to-use brazing paste for use on most brasses and bronzes, cupro-nickel alloys, stainless steels and carbon steels.
EutecRod 157
Lead-free soft soldering for low temperature capillary joining.
Eutectic® StainTin 157 PA
High tin content ready-to-use brazing paste.
TeroCote 7888 T
An innovative alloy produced in a flexible coil form with a high portion of angular tungsten carbides providing exceptional wear resistance
ElastoDur Xuper R8811
Self-fluxing brazing rod with carbide reinforcement for maximum abrasion and erosion resistant coating.
DrillTec 8800
Flux coated bronze alloy rod for depositing cutting action carbides on surfaces subject to abrasion.
EutecBor 9000
A self-fluxing rod with a wide range of wear resistant properties.
EutecTor Flux 16 / 16D
Specially formulated paste flux for improved wetability on low, medium and carbon steels. Also available in Powder (16D)
 XuperBraze 100
Paste flux for BAg and BCuP brazing alloys.
 XuperBraze 100H / 100HD
Flux for BAg and BCuP alloys. Available in Paste (100H) or Powder (100HD).
A highly active flux for use with the BAg alloy group when brazing 300 series stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and nickel alloys.
EutecTor Flux 1804
Supplement flux for use with the BCuP group of alloys
EutecTor Flux 190
Highly reactive flux for torch brazing of aluminum and aluminum alloys
EutecTor Flux 157
Liquid flux for soft soldering. Especially suited for stainless stees and copper alloys