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Následující vzorky z výhradního sortimentu produktů svařování, pájení a žárových nástřiků společnosti Castolin Eutectic ilustrují výběr řešení v oblasti údržby, oprav, spojování a výroby. Pokud není Vámi požadovaný produkt v níže uvedeném seznamu, kontaktujte nás prosím.  

Low-melting temperature alloy for capillary brazing of aluminium. Profiles, tubes, air conditioning equipment, heat exchangers.
 RB 5246
Self-fluxing brazing alloy for the brazing of copper. Plumbing, gas and heating installations.
Eutalloy® 10680
Alloy nickel-based powder for anti-wear protective coatings on metals including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and nickel alloys.
 RB 5280
Self-fluxing brazing alloy for the brazing of copper in all positions. Heat exchangers, T-butt tubing, electro-technical equipment.
 RB 5286
Self-fluxing capillary brazing alloy for copper and copper alloys. Refrigeration, heat exchangers, gas installations.
 RB 5283
High silver self-fluxing brazing alloy with maximum fluidity and capillarity. Motor rotors, cryogenic applications, refrigeration.
Liquid flux for soft soldering. Especially suited for stainless steels.
Paste flux for braze welding with Brazing Alloy 18. For ferrous and copper alloys, especially galvanized steel.
 1802 HF
Powder flux for all high-silver content brazing alloys. Especially adapted for induction heating applications.
 1802 N Atmosin
Powder flux for all high-silver content brazing alloys. Ideal for small or fine steel parts.
GreenFlux 1802 PF Atmosin
Entirely reformulated by our scientists to eliminate Boric Acid, Borax and Cadmium
 181 PF Atmosin
Heavy duty flux for production and repair work of steels.
 190 NH
Non-corrosive, non-hydroscopic aluminium brazing flux. For most aluminium alloys (Mg & Si <1%) and stainless steels.
Eutalloy® RW 12112
Very strong resistance to abrasion and erosion (very hard Diamax phases)
 ActivaTec® 1000
Paste flux for all high-silver content brazing alloys. Especially adapted for stainless steels.
 AluTin 51
Liquid flux for soft soldering. Especially suited for dissimilar metal joining of copper and aluminium.
 1800 PA
High-silver content, Cadfree® ready-to-use brazing paste.
 Xuper 190
Ready-to-use brazing paste containing eutectic Al-Si metal powder and non-corrosive flux.
 CastoTin® 1
Ready-to-use lead-tin solder paste for joining and tinning of steel or copper parts.
Lead-free soft soldering for low temperature capillary joining.
 BC 5423
Lead-free soft solder specially designed for capillary joining of sanitary installations.
 7888 T
An innovative low temperature hardfacing product with exceptional wear resistance
 CastoFuse Torch Kits
The oxy-acetylene fusion torch to preheat and fuse Eutalloy® RW coatings
Eutalloy® RW 12495
Low coefficient of friction. Good resistance to thermal shock and high temperatures
 Castodyn DS 8000 Kits
A user friendly, advanced industrial thermal spray coating system
 Castodyn EP Controller
Motor-Controller for the powder feeder EP2
 EuTronic® Arc Spray 4 complete kit
For anti-wear and anti-corrosion cold sprayed coatings - Designed to spray EuTronic® Arc Wires for best results
 CastoDyn SF Lance Kits
Modular System to cold spray or to hot spray
 SuperJet-S- Kits
Modular delivery system to spray-fuse Eutalloy® powders
 CastoJet CJK5
Kerozene fuelled high pressure HVOF for cold sprayed coatings of high quality